Our Clients

Our clients vary from government agencies, private institutions to family offices. We are mainly focused providing solutions that are manageable and devise results-oriented yet realistic innovation strategies for its clients. We also partner with other knowledge experts to deliver skills and leadership abilities to execute your requirements.

Previous Projects

The following are examples of projects that we’ve completed for clients:

  • RFP/RFQ/RFI Callouts
    Preparation of detailed requests and selection of eligible private sector entity (or consortium) able to display the capabilities to operate an innovation and/or startup accelerator on behalf of a national government.


  • Accelerator Build-up
    Designing of fund-backed technology accelerators that was customised to suit the client’s needs and objectives. Which is committed to cultivating and fostering the local entrepreneurial environment. The mission was to bred young, passionate African entrepreneurs that have developed solutions tailored to their local market needs.


  • Capacity Building
    Deployed¬† expertise to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities of citizens, especially youth, that is a vital component to the entire formula of technological development success. We’ve accomplished this mainly at a local/state level.