Our Services

We build for technology entrepreneurs programs for every stage of their growth.

At Hildeed we have supported the unparalleled growth of the tech and digital-ecosystem in the North African and the Middle East region for the past 5 years. We share our expertise with cities and technology clusters to help spark and accelerate their entrepreneurial development.

We seek to build lasting network connectivity across MENA and Africa from the UK. We work with key stakeholders, both public and private, to build out existing initiatives, address specific gaps and to help overcome barriers to success.

Tech Cluster Development (Ecosystems)

From sparking ideas and catalyzing discussion, to building entire ecosystems, we convene leaders in government, academia, private enterprise and the tech community to drive entrepreneurial culture, develop digital talent, support founders throughout the life cycle of their businesses and to build profile for the tech sector from the UK to Africa & ME.

Venture Capital

We advise on all aspects of venture capital or equity funding and can guide you through every stage, whether you’re a government entity or private corporation, or a management team looking for funding.

We advise on first-time fund creation and structuring on carried interest arrangements. We assist with portfolio investments, from early stage, angel and seed financings only.

Current Platforms:

Propel is a platform that supports African graduates in the UK in becoming successful startup founders in Africa. Our mission is to reduce Brain Drain by shaping a new generation of talented technology founders.

Capacity Building

Learning, developing and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities is a vital component to the entire formula of technological development success. Being entrepreneurial is an exciting challenge and that will help make future entrepreneurs’ technology-based idea into reality.

We help train aspiring entrepreneurs in understanding the basics towards a financially sustainable venture.